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F.A.Q. - Shipping Questions

Q:    Do you ship internationally?

Y:    Yes, international shipping is available. It is best to email me and inquire about the artwork you are interested in and I will let you know the shipping rates. It is more cost effective to ship the artwork rolled in a shipping tube instead of mounted on stretcher bars. If you require the artwork to be mounted on stretcher bars, ready to hang up when you receive it, please request this in advance as this method of shipping is very expensive due to the large dimensions of a painting.


Q:    How long does it take for shipping?

A:    For an original artwork, shipment will usually be within 1-2 days from purchase. For a giclée that is in stock, shipment will also usually be within 1-2 days from purchase however if the giclée is not in stock there will be a delay of approximately 1-2 weeks. This delay is required for the creation of the giclée and its necessary drying time. I take great care in packing your new painting and I want it to arrive to you safely without damage and this requires proper shipping materials.



F.A.Q. - General Questions

Q:    What brand of paints do you use?

A:    I mainly paint with Gamblin professional paints for oil paintings and Liquitex paints for acrylic paintings. In the rare occasion that I need a unique color, a different brand might be used however it will be of the same professional quality.


Q:    Do you sell copies or prints of your paintings?

A:    Giclée reproductions (a digital ink jet print on canvas) of all my paintings are available for purchase.


Q:    Do you paint any commissioned work?

A:    Yes I do! For commission work a 50% deposit is required on the final asking price. The asking price would be an estimate to be determined prior to any work being started. Keep in mind, depending on the complexity of the painting, oil paintings take a long time to create and a longer time to properly dry (6 month minimum is recommended after the last brush stroke). Depending on the painting to be commissioned I sometimes paint with acrylics and the drying time for acrylics is only a couple of days however any type of detailed painting will be done in oils. Please contact me to discuss the painting subject you have in mind.


Q:    What type of payment do you accept?

A:    PayPal, Credit Cards, Money order, cashiers check and personal checks (a 10 day waiting period is required to clear the bank). For money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks please email me for a mailing address.


Do you have a question that is not mentioned here? Contact me!